Our Story

Jewcells Jewellery® is a brand founded by contemporary jewellery designer Cynthia Lui. She gave birth to her daughter Galia in 2018, and created BreastmilkGems™ to commemorate every unforgettable moment of the breastfeeding journey. Our preservation formula is 100% natural, all series of mum & kids jewellery are designed with gold vermeil!

Specially designed for mummy and kids

Designed in Hong Kong, with all the thoughtful details that make the jewellery wearable for both mum and kids. Every collections were designed base on the experience and stories of being a mum to capture a snapshot of such treasurable memories.

Design Concept

The twisted rings is the core element in the love of life collection, it represents theconnection andclose relationship between mums andtheir child, mentally and physically. Both of their lives will always intertwine with each other and is inseparable. The sequence of 1, 4, 3is a wordplay ofthe word we as a mum say the most to our children, I love you.