Frequently Asked Questions

Does the fresh breastmilk, frozen breastmilk or the one that kept for very long time affect the final outcome of the Breastmilk Gem products?

No! it won't effect the outcome of the final product. Both fresh breastmilk and frozen milk can be used for creating the BreastmilkGems™!

How long can the BreastmilkGems™ can be kept?

BreastmilkGems™ need to be stored in cool, dry place.

As the condition of the breastmilk powder inside the gems might be affected with humidity environment and might caused breakage of the gem.Please do not wear the pieces during shower or during any water activities to maintain the gems in a perfect condition. (it's ok to wear the pieces during wash hands, as the water will dry out quickly.)

As long as the pieces are being kept away humidity, there is no limit of time to keep the breastmilkgems.For detail care tips , please find in the care tips for keeping your BreastmilkGems™

Care tips for keeping your BreastmilkGems™

BreastmilkGems™ contains fat and water, slight yellowing is normal.

Do not wear products for bathing, sports, swimming, hot springs, etc.Avoid contact with products containing chemical ingredients, such as perfume, alcohol, hair spray, soap, etc.

After wearing the product, wipe it dry with a silver cloth and store it in cool & dry place.

The product needs to be stored in a dry environment to avoid moisture condensation causing the product to discolour and become damp.

Silver jewellery will be oxidised with the air. Gold vermeil can help delay the oxidation and discolouration.

Wiping with a silver cloth can remove the part that has been discoloured due to oxidation, and restore the lustre to the silver jewellery.

Rose gold vermeil products will gradually fade over time, so special attention should be paid to the above maintenance items to delay fading.

How can I know what colour combinations that stand for my family?

Birthstones is a set of crystals that represent 12 months, they are originated from Ancient Greece.Birthcolours is a set of colours that represent 12 months, they are originated from Japan.

All the combinations contains at least one kind of birthstone, and one kind of birthcolour, and they are base on the birthmonth of mum and the baby. If mum and baby are not having the same birthmonth, there will be at least two sets of different colour combinations to apply onto the breastmilkgem.

eg. Mum's birthmonth is Jan, mum's birthstone is Garnet and birthcolour is Black; baby's birthmonth is Mar, her/his birthstone is Aquamarine, and birthcolour is light green. So, the first combination will be Garnet + Light Green, and the second combination is Aquamarine + Black.

There will be an instruction of how to choose your colour combos in our instruction book and video in our DIY kit.

Is there any tools I need to prepare that don't include in the kit?

Yes, you will need to prepare the following items that don't include in the kit:

1. 5-6ml of breastmilk

2. Stove x 1

3. Cooking container x 2 ( one smaller container that can fit into a larger container)

4. Baking paper around 20x20cm x 1-2 pieces

5. Tissue paper x 1-2 pieces

What is the brand of the resin and mold?

We use Padico resin and mold from Japan. As they have high quality resin that will not be yellowing after curing. And the quality of silicon mold can create shinny gems.

How many piece of BreastmilkGems™ can I make with the DIY kit?

Most of the items are reusable in the DIY kit, 10g of resin can make approximately 10 -12 pieces of BreastmilkGems™. You can purchase only one bottle of resin on our website, in the column of "Tools" when the bottle of resin has run out.

What are the difference between sterling silver and gold vermeil?

Sterling silver is easy to get tarnished especially when putting somewhere with high humidity, the shininess is also easy to fade, it needs to be wearing very often to keep it shine without tarnishing.

Gold vermeil, the base material is sterling silver, and coating with a layer of 14k or 18k gold, which can give an appearance of gold colour, and prevent of tarnish even if you don't always wear it very often.

However, the colour of rose gold vermeil will be faded by the wearing of time, we suggest not to wash the metal very often and just using gold cleaning cloth for daily cleaning to maintain the colour of gold.

Can my child wear the jewellery?

This package contains small parts and chocking hazard.Not suitable for children under 6 years of age.Direct adult supervision when using final product is required

Some of our styles were designs to be worn for both mummy and child, the length of bracelet and necklace are suitable for child from age of 1 1/2 to adult. Bracelet can be adjusted from 12cm, 14cm 16cm to 18cmLength of 12cm & 14cm are suitable for child aged 1 1/2 or 2.Length of 16cm & 18cm are suitable for adult.

For wearing the bracelet or necklace for child

There are two clasps on two ends of the bracelet or necklace, one of the clasps is to adjust the length and the other clasp is to attach the long chain tail onto the bracelet or necklace to prevent the chain tail from being too long.

How to wear the jewellery for my child?

Some of our styles can be worn for both mummy and child.There are two clasps on two ends of the bracelet or necklace, one of the clasps is to adjust the length and the other clasp is to attach the long chain tail onto the bracelet or necklace to prevent the chain tail from being too long.