What is BreastmilkGems™

BreastmilkGems is created with breastmilk powder, birthstones and corresponding colours. The preservation method of BreastmilkGems is a bit different from the traditional method as it keeps the original colour of breastmilk which the colour defers from each other because each mum's breastmilk has different components in it, therefore each breastmilk colour is unique. We will choose the colour combination for the gem base by selecting the birthstones and birthcolours of the mum, baby and daddy. The gem is created with Japanese high quality resin which will not turn yellow over time.

BreastmilkGems™ provide a method for families especially mothers to keep their most precious and intimate moment with their child. The reason we have added birthstones and birthcolours as one of the elements is that we think the breast feeding journey is not only about the breastmilk, but also the relationship between mum, baby and dad! Which both birthstones and birthcolours represent the family.

What are birthstones and birthcolours?

Birthstones are originated from Ancient Greece, each kind of natural crystal represents a month.

Birthcolours are from Japan, they originally have 365 colours representing each day of a year, we have specially selected specific birth colours that works better with the birthstones to have the best outcome.