BreastmilkGems™ Care Tips

1. BreastmilkGems™ contains fat and water, slight yellowing is normal

2. Do not wear products for bathing, sports, swimming, hot springs, etc.

3. Avoid contact with products containing chemical ingredients, such as
perfume, alcohol, hair spray, soap, etc.

4. After wearing the product, wipe it dry with a silver cloth and store it in
cool & dry place.

5. The product needs to be stored in a dry environment to avoid moisture
condensation causing the product to discolor and become damp

6. Silver jewellery will be oxidized with the air. Gold vermeil can help delay
the oxidation and discolouration. Wiping with a silver cloth can remove
the part that has been discoloured due to oxidation, and restore the
lustre to the silver jewellery

7. Rose gold vermeil products will gradually fade over time, so special
attention should be paid to the above maintenance items to delay fading