How to make?

In our BreastmilkGems™ DIY kit, we provide most of the tools you will need to create your own gems. With this kit, you can create up to 12 pieces of gems! 

Our newly launched BreastmilkGems™ DIY Kit for your to create your own BreastmilkGems™ at home! 

Items included in the DIY kit:

-Instruction book with video tutorials 

-18 pieces of tools for making the BreastmilkGems™ jewellery

-Our video tutorials and instruction book will guide you to create your own BreastmilkGems™ step by step! 

-Can create up to 10-12 pieces of BreastmilkGems™ with this kit! 

-Don't need to worry about shipping the liquid breastmilk overseas to create the BreastmilkGems™ !

-Set the BreastmilkGems™ with Jewcells Jewellery's exclusive designs!

Tutorial Preview